Maker Faire 2014

Image I’m involved in a big not-hackspace project at the moment, meaning I’ve not been up to much recently. However, I was foresighted enough (many weeks ago) to sign up to go to Maker Faire UK  2014 in Newcastle as part of the Nottinghack collective. Maker Faire UK was hosted by the Centre for Life in Newcastle, Saturday and Sunday 26th/27th April. It’s now the Tuesday afterwards and the memories are still almost as exiting as the real thing! I’ve had a quick look in the media for reports and stories and whilst the outside attractions got plenty of coverage (although admittedly GIANT CAR-CRUSHING ROBOHAND!) I’ve not seen much of the inside stuff – which although smaller in size, was equally amazing. So here are a few of the things I thought were awesome: Image I used to spend every Friday night between the ages of 8 and 12 watching Robot Wars and wishing I could have a go. Well, more than a decade later, I had the chance! Four mini-bots in a 10-foot square arena with no fire, spinning blades or house robots is a little tamer, but there were a couple of full-size robots on display (and I got to carry one!) Image Image Venom, not unlike Razor – probably my favourite house robot! Image An incredibly detailed Lego model of St Pancras station took centre stage… Image … complete with a bovine passenger! Image Nottinghack made a good show, featuring Mouse’s Dial-a-Thing (incredibly popular!)… Image…Ein the duck is ready to welcome the hoards of curious visitors… Image There were some incredibly colourful and intricate 3D-printed items on display upstairs with Shapeways… Image …and intricate laser-cut marquetry pieces on Just add Shark’s table. Image ImageReturning for another year were Rusty the horse and Elsie Dragon… Image …and the largest puppet I’ve ever seen (Binbot) went for a walk outside! There was so much stuff I’ve barely scratched the surface. I had a fantastic time, met some great people and came away with some memories I’ll not forget in a long time!


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