mellchie.wordpress.com is something I’ve started as a way of recording my projects; what I’ve done, how I’ve done it and (if I ever finish anything!) what could go better, what I would change and anything I think worked well. It’s mainly for my own personal reference – I tend to hop between projects, start something new, go back to something old a few weeks, months, or (in the case of my dad’s stamp collection), years. This is when I’m not cycling, gliding or maintaining either vehicle. I may even write about these occasionally!

At the moment I’m keeping busy; giving my bike some much-needed maintenance, brewing wine (Wilkinson’s finest Merlot!), embroidering some fabric to be made into a quilt, building the alethiometer table and will be spending a lot of my other free time at the airfield or cycling somewhere; if the weather ever picks up!


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